Welcome to Riverdale East-African Canadian Association

The East African community of Toronto is people who share common culture and tradition regardless of their country of origin. In Toronto, as in Canada, these people are faced with same experience and need. Riverdale East African Canadian Association is created to respond to this common need.

The Riverdale East African Canadian Association's objective is to work with groups, and networks of community members to identify the issues that are important to the community, as well as to develop and implement strategies to address them.


In our work we utilize a community development approach: we build partnerships with newcomers, ethno-specific and neighbourhood groups, families, youth and seniors.

Community advisory councils who help us to identify priorities, direct our activity and evaluate our progress guide all aspects of our program.

To realize and implement its objectives and goals, the Riverdale East African Canadian Association will work in partnership with other governamental agencies and community organizations involved in the development of community health, senior citizen care, education, employment, youth support services, legal aid service, substance abuse prevention, family Support services, immigration support services, housing and Welfare services



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